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Sandler Sales Training
The Sandler Sales System® Boot Camp

Boot Camps are one-day interactive, face-to-face training sessions, held in our training centers in New York City and White Plains, NY. Boot Camps are normally used to introduce salespeople new to the Sandler Selling System or "the basics" in an immersion-style program. Attendees then transition into President's Club classes for ongoing participatory reinforcement.

There will be one or two facilitators plus the class participants. People who attend are committed to becoming more effective in generating revenue. Professional salespeople, consultants, and other professionals who need to sell their services attend our programs. The sessions begin at 8:30 and end at 4:00. Materials are provided. Dress comfortably and be prepared for an interactive and exciting program.

Among other things, sales professionals will learn how to:

* Ask effective questions that help close the sale
* Quickly identify the decision-makers
* Uncover the true reasons people buy
* Effortlessly prospect for new business
* Eliminate unpaid consulting
* Shorten your selling cycle
* Generate more referrals - proactively
* Keep control of the sales process
* Turn a suspect into a prospect in thirty seconds
* Effectively handle stalls and objections
* Stop giving away your profits by selling on price
* Nurture your client into a sale.

The Program
Identity vs. Role – Create Real Success in Sales

* Learn how to separate your identity from your role.
* Discover why self-esteem is the most important factor in sales.
* Find out about risk and how to handle failure.
* Develop “Success Conditioning”.

The Sandler Selling System

* Learn why 20% of sales people make 80% of the sales.
* Discover the system prospects use and how to avoid getting trapped.
* Stop wasting time sending literature that isn't read, preparing proposals that can't win and doing tons of free consulting.
* Do everything you can to avoid looking like a “slick” salesperson.
* It's a battle of the plans — the buyer has a plan. Do you? The stronger plan will always prevail.
* Why so many sales pitches leave your prospects cold — and what to do instead.
* Mapping your sales cycle, and what to do in the next step.
* How to customize a sales plan for each call and how to adjust it on the fly.

Making the First Minutes Count — Every Time

* Tactics to build rapport — most sales people put 100% of their effort into the 7% factor. Learn about the other 93% and how to build credibility and trust quickly.
* Exactly what to listen for in the prospect's initial reactions — and how to respond.
* A low-key way to seize the initiative and take leadership of the buyer/'seller dance — that will make your prospect comfortable.
* Earn your toughest prospect's respect from the first minute.

Discover Their Reasons to Buy

* Questions to uncover your prospect's personal hot buttons.
* How to get them interested, even if they say they aren't.
* Conquer prospects' reluctance to talk about their business issues.
* Get prospects to see your products and/or services as a solution to their business problem.
* How to conduct a business dialogue with executives.

Shorten your Sales Cycle by Staying In Control

* Design a series of questions to keep the call flowing smoothly.
* Your manager told you what to do — talk less, listen more, stay in control, get commitment — we'll show you how to do it.
* Learn how to use 'up-front contracts' to ensure you stay in control of the process every step of the way.
* How to measure and document customers' commitment to advance the sales cycle.
* Most salespeople ask about decision-making authority, but in a way that's sure to cloud the truth. Learn the right way to uncover the true decision process and to get access to decision-makers.
* How to drive consensus in complex, multiple decision-makers.
* How to say "NO" and keep the deal alive.
* A fail-safe way to make your forecast accurate and reliable.
* How to keep customers from using your competition to squeeze you
* How to uncover a prospect's likelihood of deflecting to the competition.
* Techniques to avoid feature-to-feature combat and to make your prospect see your solution as a custom fit.
* How to know if you're being used to get a better deal with someone else.
* How to dislodge prospects from a fixation on larger, more entrenched competitors.

When and how to talk about money

* Why salespeople leave money on the table.
* How to find out who really controls the purse strings.
* How to train your mind to see that price is rarely the real issue in technology purchases.
* How to turn 'price' and 'cost' conversations into 'value' and 'ROI' conversations.
* Common negotiating ploys used by trained buyer and how to counter them.

The Decision-Making Process

* Understand the role of each individual in the buyer network.
* Uncover how decisions are made.
* Learn how to have the buyers make several smaller decisions in the sales process.
* Track the 45 key items to know about each decision-maker.

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